We get the best people in the market! We make successful demands in the Labour market on behalf of our client! Our outsourcing service is a powerful tool to leverage external talent and improve productivity. By engaging this service our clients typically reduce costs or improve efficiency. We take on your tasks, operations, or processes with our highly trained and professional workforce who provide third party expertise for a significant period of time to help you achieve your desired level of performance. We make your strategy execution achievable through the best highly trained and developed people!


Our verification service certifies any current or former employee is or was employed by an organization, attended an institution. We can also confirm given addresses of employee, guarantors or referees.

  • It is important to know who is coming into an organization or employed into an organization.
  • We ensure our clients are fully informed about any candidate or employee’s past experiences, accomplishments and integrity.
  • Our verification services provides you comfort and security.

Executive Search

Executive search is a specialized recruitment service which Dwell Outsourcing guarantees search and recruitment of highly qualified candidates for senior-level and executive jobs both locally and internationally. This service provides our clients access to our high-quality network of executive and professionals who can will support you to achieve superior organizational performance. It also provides insightful, consultative information about the labour market in general.


Our specialist consulting and advisory services avails our clients the support required to maximise the efficiency of their operations. We can help develop strategies for growth or manage projects. With our expertise and experiences from a variety of companies and industries and an objective viewpoint, we will propose and develop diverse ideas, and devise creative technology based solutions which enables our clients perform beyond expectation and break preset boundaries.